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5 Creative Ways to Spice up your Presentation

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 10, 2017 12:47:28 PM / by Alli Matson

Alli Matson

We've all been there: you've worked on your presentation for days now and all of the information is perfect, but it lacks that final touch to really make it memorable. Here are five creative ways to spice up your presentation.


Ways to spice up your presentation

You can literally never go wrong with fire; never once has something bad happened as a result of fire. Pretty sure about that. Enthrall the pyromaniacs and pyronormals (100% a real word) alike with some advanced pyrotechnic displays. They won't be able to look away. 



ron puppy.gif

I feel like this one speaks for itself, but in case you've never met a puppy let me explain this to you. Puppers are tiny dogs that just want to lick your face (fun fact: puppies do that because they see you put food in your face hole and want to get at those crumbs) and love on you. I can't guarantee that anyone will pay attention to what you're saying, but they certainly will thank you.


Add some humor

Michael scott powerpoint.gif

Humor is a wonderful vehicle for the transferance of information, which is my fancy way of saying that people remember what makes them laugh. Think about it: I bet you'll never be able to forget my fact about puppers because I made it fun ;). 


Have it catered 


Again, this one seems pretty self explanatory. Food is good. People love food. Food makes people happy. Plus, as the wise Niles Crane stated, "it can't be a crime if it's catered" (i.e. even if you bomb, people will remember the food and not your wretched performance).


Present in song

Rebel Singing.gif

I can't think of a single person who wouldn't love to recieve their HR policy orientation in song. Songs, along with rhyming, make all information more interesting and memorable (how many songs do you have memorized vs college lectures?). 

Alli Matson

Written by Alli Matson

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