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7 Subjects to Avoid in a Business Setting

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 14, 2017 4:20:08 PM / by Alli Matson

Alli Matson

The majority of this should seem obvious to you. This is good. However, considering the number of times I hear people discuss my 7 subjects to avoid in a business setting, it clearly bears reiterating.  

Doin' the Dirty

Sansa Birds + Bees.gif

 Do you want to think about your boss getting it on? No? They don't want to think about you either. Save this talk for friends or the bar after work. No dirty jokes, either. Even if it's about someone else getting their boink on, it still counts. 

Mind Altering Substances

Subjects to Avoid in a Business Setting

 Don't talk about how boozey you got this weekend or the lines you did off your grandma's parakeet. Sure, it makes you seem like a "fun" person, but it certainly doesn't make you look professional. Plus, not everyone partakes in such activities, thus your discussion/jokes can be isolating. Rude. 


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 Oh my goodness. Just don't. It goes without saying (so I'll go ahead and say it), but especially in this volatile political landscape, just hold your tongue. Yes, it can be hard. Yes, people will have to infer your beliefs. But no, you shouldn't say something.


Hail Science Futurama.gif

 Same same but different. Avoid thanking god for increased revenue or KPIs, don't open every meeting with a prayer, take out those passages from your holy book that you included in the company mission statement. Just treat everyone well and don't use religion as your way to ascribe value to an individual. 


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 Guess what? There are tons of stereotypes about you. Maybe it's the sport you play, the area you live in, or whether you prefer Star Trek or Star Wars; there will be something. It doesn't feel nice to have someone make a generalization about you without knowing you better. Withhold all judgement of people until you've gotten to know them a bit. 

Puttin' Down Bets and Pickin' Up Debts

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Welp, even if it's done in a legal setting, gambling is almost universally considered to be a vice. Maintain professionalism and don't talk about shootin' dice in the alley. 


Alli Matson

Written by Alli Matson

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